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The Randy’s Fishing Web site was created as a place to enlighten people on a variety of fishing topics.  If you’d like to view some of our personal information and experiences, please have a look at our About page.

What we hope to present here at Randy’s Fishing is a continuing series of articles on various topics within the Fishing Niche.  We hope to be offering useful help, information, and maybe suggest a few products pertaining to Fishing.

Randy’s Fishing and You

The fact that you are here, I am going to assume that you have an interest in fishing, or are seeking to gain more new knowledge about Fishing.  You know that there are many resources for information about fishing.  You also know that they are sometimes very overwhelming, may be difficult to properly understand, and often leave you with more questions than you started with.  Here at Randy’s Fishing we plan to present articles and information that is clear and easily understood.

Randy’s Fishing – Articles

We are currently working on a full series of articles about fishing here at Randy’s Fishing.  We’ll be adding those articles as soon as they are properly edited and we invite you to come back regularly to read our most recent additions.  To see what we’ve already published and are currently working on, you can click on an article from the drop-down menu at the Articles Page on the Randy’s Fishing main menu or click Articles for the current publications.

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And much more including individual articles on Pike, Salmon, Bass, Trout, Crappie, and Tuna Fishing

A Little Help for Randy’s Fishing

We’re always searching for new information that we can use, however, I don’t think we’re going to find it all!  With that said, I come to our call for help.  If there is special topic, something that you’re interest in or have knowledge of, please feel welcome to offer your information, help, or tell us about a product you can recommend.  Please Contact us and let us know what help or information you have to offer.  Also, any questions about Randy’s Fishing – just Contact us

Randy’s Fishing – Conclusion

As I’ve said, we will be presenting a whole series of articles on the fishing niche as we continue edit and get them ready for publication.  Through our efforts, we will try to continue bringing you the most useful information possible.  Also, don’t forget to bookmark the Randy’s Fishing so you can easily find us next time!

Tuna Fishing

tuna Tuna Fishing

Tuna Fishing For Every Season

Tuna fishing is one of the best ways to earn a living. From the nine species of tune that can be found in the middle of the sea. The meat coming from tuna is something that is highly prized by tuna eaters from the world over. Because tuna is use for most dishes from its canned form to fresh tuna the long lists of tuna recipes never seems to end. Tuna in can is also one of the cheapest forms of food that consumers buy for their sandwich and salads while Japanese people prefer serving them raw.

There is a growing concern over the tuna population since a large number of people fish for them to either, eat it or sell it commercially. Another good thing that people love about tuna is that it does not emit a strong fishy odor so that people who might not love fish will still eat this fish. After extolling the good qualities of tuna we can safely say that it is no Read more…

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Crappie Fishing

Crappy Fishing Crappie Fishing

Reasons Why People Switch From Bass To Crappie Fishing

Crappie fishes are usually composed of two species: black crappie and white crappie. It may be said that these two closely resembles each other but has common characteristics since they both come from the same species. Surprisingly although this fish belongs to the sunfish family they are sensitive to the light of the sun. An advantage of fishing for crappie is that you can fish for them all year round Read more…

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Trout Fishing

trout Trout Fishing

The Secret Life of Trout Fishing

Trout fishing may look like a simple hobby or sport for anyone because you will not need specialized gadgets to catch a trout. Simply put you can work with the basics like owning a handy box of hooks, spin casting outfit that works, a pair of boots that can protect your feet from getting wet. The requirements are simple when you want to begin trout fishing like having your fishing license and trout stamp. Since most of the trout that you see on tournaments look so big, you might be Read more…

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Cooking Fish

Cooking Fish Cooking Fish

The Definitive Guide To Cooking Fish

Most of us are aware about the benefits of eating fish like reducing the chances of being affected by most poor habits and diseases that can be trace to our present lifestyle. Most fishes also taste good even when it emits a slightly fishy odor. Still it baffles experts why as people especially those in American only consume about 15 pounds a year for each individual. Most people rather eat fish in restaurants were other people cooked it for them rather than cooking it themselves. It might be said that one of the factors that some busy people Read more…

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Bass Fishing Guide

bass fishing Bass Fishing Guide

Working With Your Bass Fishing Guide

What fishers are referring to when they mention the need to go bass fishing is specifically to catch the black bass or the game fishes found in North America such as largemouth bass and spotted bass to name a few. These types of fishes are mostly found in freshwater. The thrill of hunting for bass by fishing has change dramatically since the very first time that it was introduced as a sport during the late 19th century. To catch a bass one has to come prepared by having the best Read more…

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Ice Fishing

ice fishing1 Ice Fishing

How A Fisherman Uses Ice Fishing

One of the commonly use method when ice fishing is to use spears to catch the fish.

You need to start making preparations by digging a hole in the ice. Going back to the use of spears on ice fishing you need to learn about some safety tips just to be sure that you will be out of harm’s way. Accidents can be avoided when you have the sharp Read more…

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Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Fly Fishing

How To Get The Most Out of Your Fly Fishing

People have diverse opinions of what fly fishing means to them. Some fishermen say that it is more than just a hobby for them. Others consider it as a form of sport. For people who are not into this type of pursuit they cannot understand the sense of enjoyment that those who are into it have. Fly fishing gets its name from the use of an artificial “fly” to catch fish. Fly fishing can be accomplished in different bodies of water. There are really countless fishes that you can catch through this method coming from saltwater and freshwater sources.

InAmericathose who do fly fishing are mostly after all types of trout. They have a preference for catching rainbow trout. To avoid being penalized it is better to know the rules and regulations that your state has regarding this pursuit. Most of the local fisherman starts practicing fly fishing in the parks or on their front lawn just to familiarize themselves in the most effective Read more…

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Fishing Wear

fishing wear Fishing Wear

What You Need To Know About Fishing Wear Before Buying

If you love fishing what comes next after purchasing your fishing accessories and equipment is to purchase what you will wear for fishing as well as buy other protective gear to protect yourself from the sun and other weather elements. Some fisherman does not care about what they wear. Some just want to keep it simple. The common consensus would have to be something that you will feel comfortable with while fishing. Most of the materials that fisherman Read more…

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Fishing Accessories

fishing accessories Fishing Accessories

Fishing Accessories: A Great Gift for Dad

If you have a father who loves fishing and spends his time enjoying this hobby it would be wiser to give him the perfect gift: fishing accessories. The first thing that you need to do is to talk with your Dad to know what he needs. Do not divulge the reason for asking him that. In this way you can surprise him later on with a gift that he will truly thank you for it and at the same time avoid purchasing something that he already has. Sometimes if you were not able to get this information there is the danger that you will buy something that your Dad will not use or need. Read more…

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Deep Sea Fishing

deep sea fishing Deep Sea Fishing

How To Avoid This When You Are Deep Sea Fishing

Expert fisherman thinks of deep sea fishing as an enjoyable adventure into the deep unknown: the open seas. For some who may not be aware of what is deep fishing, it is a sport in itself or when you are in the game of fishing for large types of fish. Most fish species that fisherman are expecting to capture are tuna, shark, swordfish but there are other types of strange looking fishes that you normally would not have encountered otherwise in other fishing locations such as the Read more…

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